Monday, September 22, 2008

# 23 Web 2.0 Journey

Wow, I have finished all the exercises, can’t believe it! 
My experience about the programme Web 2.0 through 23 things was very interesting. I know there was a time where I was so frustrated that I decided to discontinue the programme. But with the inspiration from my colleges I started again.
I have explored and discovered so many new things which I would have never known. I enjoyed the Generators, Flickr, Zoho writer, Youtube. I will go back and use them at some stage.

Big Thanks to the Web team for their hard work patience.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Congratulations! You must feel very proud (and relieved dare I say) that you kept at it and finished the programme. And it looks like you had some fun as well.