Monday, September 1, 2008

#17 Web 2.0 awards list

After looking so many sites I have decided to explore Maps
Goolge Maps was awarded first in searching maps. The web's leading mapping application, Google maps is more than just lines on the screen. With Street View, Aerial View, advanced directions and integration with Local Search, Google Maps leads the mapping field.
Live search Maps awarded second - Live Maps, by Microsoft, include directions and other regular mapping functions, but its really neat feature is "bird's eye view," where you can see a cityscape or terrain as though you were on an airplane, flying above.
Google Earth awarded Third - Fly around the world with Google's amazing maps and information mash up. View pictures, attractions and local venues, and keep up to date with the ever-improving technology of Google Earth.

I tried using all these three maps. I like the Google earth the most, it shows 3d images. I can spend hours on this web site.

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